Giving Money to Someone

Two Reasons Why We Should Not Buy from Friends

By Jacky Liang / May 18, 2019 /

People make purchases every day, whether it’s from Amazon or a subscription service, and sometimes from friends too. It’s okay to support friends, but when is it NOT okay to buy? One of the misconception is in order to maintain a relationship, it is essential to support their way of living instead of buying from…

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Positive Thinking, and the Negative Effects of It

By Jacky Liang / January 31, 2019 /

These days, hard-working entrepreneurs mixed with an immense amount of doubtful opinions commonly clash together. One of the resolutions to this is to find the never-ending stream of positive thinking. Like with all individuals that look forward to putting a cap at self-doubt and people’s opinions, positive thinking might be the answer to it all.…

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The Advantages of Knowing Your Tolerance Level

By Jacky Liang / August 10, 2018 /

Humans are of a sensitive nature. We smile, become sad, or get angry because of certain things. We also learn about our tolerance level of what we like and do not like into different categories. A wide tolerance level means you can tolerate other people’s opinions much easier. Having a wide tolerance level also makes…

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Why “Macro Patience, Micro Speed” Drives My Optimism

By Jacky Liang / November 25, 2017 /

Life is a busy experience. Long before we succeed in something, it is not uncommon that we are judged by other people’s insecurities and ego. Some of you might be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, some of you may not. Although, I believe this is what drives my optimism every day. The truth comes down to…

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The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

By Jacky Liang / November 9, 2017 /

Have you ever asked yourself, while you were building your business; If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman? I’m writing about this because sometimes I can be unsure. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are two different things. I know for a fact that an entrepreneur takes a high level of risk starting unprecedented ventures while a…

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Don’t Waste the Attention Given To You

By Jacky Liang / October 22, 2017 /

No matter where we are or what we do, attention the most traded element in our lives. It could be a push notification on your phone, the flashy ads on the web, or even catchy background music. There’s a difference between good and bad attention. I don’t blame you, but many entrepreneurs these days assume…

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“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

By Jacky Liang / September 30, 2017 /

It’s often known that you must have lots of money, all of the knowledge and the best resources on earth to be able to start working on your dreams, but what you’re thinking is the opposite. You may disagree with me because I never went to Harvard or even the top technological schools for computers and…

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Your WORST Nightmare Could Be Your Biggest Success

By Jacky Liang / September 17, 2017 /

Life is sad sometimes, but often those sad stories become the happiest ones. Just like success, it probably started with a nightmare. That nightmare where you told yourself that you were tired of being “afraid”. Think of life like a bounce board. Either you’re happy, you’re sad or you’re somewhere in the middle. That is…

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Why Having a Purpose is More Important than a Passion

By Jacky Liang / August 16, 2017 /

Life goes in as many different directions, the same way it comes out. No matter where we end up, having a purpose means that you’ll have the consistency to continue moving forward, even if your passions slowly fade out. Your grounds also become stronger when it exists, because you realize that you have a reason…

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Have Enough Optimism to Defeat Realism

By Jacky Liang / August 2, 2017 /

This world is carried on by many realistic events, to the point where we may feel tired overall. For some, having too much realism could also be a motivational killer, but the truth is, motivation becomes the drug if there’s no hustle. Give yourself enough space to get you going no matter how you feel.…

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