Sometimes, it REALLY sucks to be a technician.

By Jacky Liang / December 2, 2014 /

Have you ever had a person in your life where they would ask repetitive questions about problems with their gadgets and never ever seem to give back? Those people can never be taken seriously, even when you ask them to pay. At the end, they think they can squeeze every little tipsy knowledge out of you. Forget…

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What a Computer Technician Actually Does

By Jacky Liang / April 16, 2014 /

Being a computer technician is not an easy job to do. Especially when there isn’t any reason to lay your own grounds on someone’s computer. Almost all the technicians do this, and they’re doing it wrong (yea, that includes me), but I’m standing out because finally know how computer novices feel when you are forced…

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