Success Does Not Involve Jobs, Careers, Being Rich or Poor

By Jacky Liang / February 1, 2019 /

Life is short. Likewise, most Millennials and parents are debating what makes themselves successful, what career makes them rich, what kind of work makes them really popular. Success is overrated. Being successful does not involve numbers, but the time that it takes to achieve progress within the process. Likewise, success is a mere feeling and…

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Instant Gratification Kills, and I’m Going to Tell You Why

By Jacky Liang / December 17, 2017 /

Success, making lots of money, profits; These words can just make you feel so… delighted at times. What we don’t realize is that we’re the generation of instant gratification. And I’m going to tell you why it’s a killer. Many investments with no guaranteed return rate are often scolded by those that are afraid to…

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You WORRY about the Wrong Things

By Jacky Liang / July 17, 2017 /

From toddler to teenager, our parents always have taught us the binary differences in life. Whether it’s the right or the wrong, we have slowly become afraid of what others might think about us. Not that it has any correlation between how our parents taught us and how we learn, but how intimidated we’ve become…

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