Have Enough Optimism to Defeat Realism

By Jacky Liang / August 2, 2017 /

This world is carried on by many realistic events, to the point where we may feel tired overall. For some, having too much realism could also be a motivational killer, but the truth is, motivation becomes the drug if there’s no hustle. Give yourself enough space to get you going no matter how you feel.…

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You WORRY about the Wrong Things

By Jacky Liang / July 17, 2017 /

From toddler to teenager, our parents always have taught us the binary differences in life. Whether it’s the right or the wrong, we have slowly become afraid of what others might think about us. Not that it has any correlation between how our parents taught us and how we learn, but how intimidated we’ve become…

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50 Emotions All in One Written Essay: By Jason.

By Jacky Liang / April 12, 2014 /

Over the weekends, Jason and I went photo-shooting together. Traveling across the city and creating memories of what we did, and what we dreamed of doing. From the piano playing music to having a nice feast, this is the entire experience. It’s funny how he exceedingly points out my character, but I’m okay with that,…

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A Blank Mind on My New Blog

By Jacky Liang / February 26, 2014 /

So, this is my new blog. Things that represent me, things I rant about, and stuff I share to the world. As a computer expert and a kid that goes to college, my rule is to strive for perfection since I believe there is always a better way of doing things. I started this blog,…

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