Giving Money to Someone

Two Reasons Why We Should Not Buy from Friends

By Jacky Liang / May 18, 2019 /

People make purchases every day, whether it’s from Amazon or a subscription service, and sometimes from friends too. It’s okay to support friends, but when is it NOT okay to buy? One of the misconception is in order to maintain a relationship, it is essential to support their way of living instead of buying from…

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Network Marketing. Why I Started, and Why I Quit.

By Jacky Liang / February 28, 2019 /

Trying to be your own boss nowadays is just as simple as waiting for a friend to pitch you the “work-at-home” and that really great product. What’s left is a burned bridge, lost money, and another lesson learned. Usually, this article would be about why you should join a network marketing company, or why you…

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