The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

By Jacky Liang / November 9, 2017 /

Have you ever asked yourself, while you were building your business; If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman? I’m writing about this because sometimes I can be unsure. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are two different things. I know for a fact that an entrepreneur takes a high level of risk starting unprecedented ventures while a…

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Is Attention the Number One Currency?

By Jacky Liang / July 11, 2017 /

Possibly. Attention is a trait that every human being has. It is very important to us, but if it is leveraged incorrectly, it could be a disaster. Law of attraction is no different. Companies these days mistake attention with the intention (to buy). They think that just because advertisements have a large number of impressions,…

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50 Emotions All in One Written Essay: By Jason.

By Jacky Liang / April 12, 2014 /

Over the weekends, Jason and I went photo-shooting together. Traveling across the city and creating memories of what we did, and what we dreamed of doing. From the piano playing music to having a nice feast, this is the entire experience. It’s funny how he exceedingly points out my character, but I’m okay with that,…

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A Blank Mind on My New Blog

By Jacky Liang / February 26, 2014 /

So, this is my new blog. Things that represent me, things I rant about, and stuff I share to the world. As a computer expert and a kid that goes to college, my rule is to strive for perfection since I believe there is always a better way of doing things. I started this blog,…

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