Two Reasons Why We Should Not Buy from Friends

People make purchases every day, whether it’s from Amazon or a subscription service, and sometimes from friends too. It’s okay to support friends, but when is it NOT okay to buy?

One of the misconception is in order to maintain a relationship, it is essential to support their way of living instead of buying from big brands, where the most value comes from.

This generally comes down to these reasons:

The Awkwardness of Profiting

Throughout every kind of relationship, there lies a type of closeness attached. When we buy or sell from each other, the first thought that comes to mind is this:

So, are you making money from me now?

The origin of this thought doesn’t come from money, but more of the value received. When sourcing a solution, how likely are you to ask your friends for answers vs Googling online?

We spend money on brands than the latter is because brands can help get the answers/solutions we want.

Our friends? We just hang cause we vibe!

Like with any business deal, we expect 100% or more of the value that we pay for. Nothing less. And if the deal goes off, we just switch to a brand that can actually solve our problems. Friends are unique.

No Product Guarantee

When we buy from friends, we tend to be more demanding. More demanding because when we vibe with each other, we also feel entitled to get more.

This doesn’t just happen to you, but also me.

When I buy from friends, I generally think of what’s in it for me. What can I get more than getting from the brand itself?

What happens if your advertised solution doesn’t work? Can I get the money you profited from me back? Or worst off, because of this sideways deal, can we even keep or friendship anymore?

Keep Your Friends Seperate

Overall, it’s always best to keep people separate. As humans, we have different needs, and these needs are fulfilled differently.

My general rule is to keep friends as friends, and people that do business with you as partners. Never mix and match with each other, because that would just cause an explosion.

And as always, you’re always under control.

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