Risk: Take It Deep and Award Yourself For It

For once in your lifetime, you’ve definitely taken a risk. Whether it’s investing in stocks, starting a business, purchasing a lottery ticket, taking college courses or even starting a family.

We’ve all been there.

What I don’t get is this. Why would you punish yourself for taking risks in the first place? It feels like the risk wasn’t worth taking overall.

You Feel Skeptical and Guilty

You know, the first time I took risks, was when the time I started my first physical business. It got me feeling like everything.

Emotions were all over the place. It usually came down to wondering whether I made the right choice. If my choices helped the company increase its profit margins, or something else.

I was super anxious about how the results turned out.

But, it was just one thing that I had a problem with. And it was because I was still emotionally attached.

I was only thinking about making money, not losing money.

A problem that I have yet to solve, but have a basic understanding of how to cope with those losses.

Nobody likes Taking Risk

Let me be honest with you. What’s the whole point of taking risk if you know there is a high chance that you will lose?

Losing isn’t fun.

But realize that people like you and me make bad choices, and it’s cool. You just need to strategize and learn from those mistakes.

“Free lessons aren’t valuable lessons.”

Which brings me back to the point why college will not be the most expensive investment in your life.

Imagine this, if you can spend $100,000 of dollars in college and learn just the basics of your career, think about how much you will be losing when it’s time to actually buy a house or even raise a kid.

That house you bought could come with a ton of maintenance costs, your child could be spending more money than you’re earning, that used car you got might just be broken 3 months after.

Anything could happen.

Take Risk Like a Lesson

When you lose because of the risk you took, it’s not because you stepped forward and actually took that risk.

It’s purely because your experience in not accepting losses like a lesson and gradually pondering on those losses.

Remember, money is just money.

You can always make it back, but a life lesson can never be unlearned. It will stay a part of you (as long as you are alive) and will be sharable to your circle of people.

So you can sandbox those lessons and show that to them.

Mark it like a Milestone

Be humble, make sure you are clear on the lesson that you learned, and put it in your mental storage.

Go do something that makes you happy (that doesn’t put a big dent in your wallet) to cope with the losses faster.

Whether it involves treating yourself to something nice, buying your favorite dress, watching television shows (that’s how I do it), or spend some time with your partner.

Hope you found this article useful! Until next time.

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