The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

Have you ever asked yourself, while you were building your business; If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman? I’m writing about this because sometimes I can be unsure.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen are two different things.

I know for a fact that an entrepreneur takes a high level of risk starting unprecedented ventures while a businessman creates a place in an existing market.

I really wanted to ask you this. Have you ever crossed paths with being both?

Entrepreneur-man or Business-preneur?

Sometimes I feel confused. Because from a normal point of view, it’s either you are an entrepreneur or a businessman. I have also come to realize that you can be both.

Wait, but how?

Have you ever had those “doubtful” feelings when you build businesses, but end at a point where you don’t want to take that large amount of risk?

Similar to that tall ice cream cone that melts halfway.

But then you seemingly take the extra and “unneeded” risk just because you are passionate about solving a micro issue within that industry.

Or in programming terms, forking the git repository.

That’s what happens to me.

So, what is a Businessman?

A businessman is someone that starts business ventures from an already executed idea. Businessmen play along in the market instead of being the leaders.

Businessmen usually play it safe!

The proof of concept in an existing business is already feasible and not something unconventional. The risk factors are also comparatively low.

The downsides are that businessmen compete with other businesses in similar industries and are usually faced with large amounts of competition.

The objective is usually geared toward profits and not necessarily the idea.

There’s no right or wrong here!

Okay, but what is an Entrepreneur?

Simply put, entrepreneur’s are the business leaders in their respective industries. Businesses ideas started by them have not had their idea tested by the market before.

Therefore, the risk can be very high.

Some real-life examples of entrepreneurs are:

The entrepreneur will always be the leader no matter how many competitors will come later. Entrepreneurs are also the most important factor in production.

In the long run, entrepreneurs also become businessmen.

Businessman or Entrepreneur?

Using myself as an example, entrepreneurs usually execute on the idea that may or may not work. In the mist, I think about ideas more than profits.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen run businesses alike.

What makes entrepreneurs different from businessmen is they take a large amount of risk, so much risk that bankruptcy can be a thing.

On the other hand, businessmen play things safe.

They may not be considered a leader, but definitely are ones that make a steady income.

What do I consider myself as?

I don’t like the idea of running a business “traditionally”, which is why I consider myself as an entrepreneur. I also believe that everything has its comfort zone.

Comfort zones are very limiting.

Instead of trying to start an existing venture, I focus on fulfilling the micro in the macro.

Which is why I can be a businessman and an entrepreneur…

…at the same time.

What about you? Do you consider yourself a businessman, entrepreneur, or both?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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