Don’t Waste the Attention Given To You

No matter where we are or what we do, attention the most traded element in our lives. It could be a push notification on your phone, the flashy ads on the web, or even catchy background music.

There’s a difference between good and bad attention.

I don’t blame you, but many entrepreneurs these days assume that if they can capture any type of focus, it means a good thing.

Although did you know that it is often traded through illegitimate methods?

These methods leave a very foul taste…

How to Waste Attention

Misusing attention is a bad thing. Many brands and companies do not realize this until they become that annoyed consumer because the frown happens down the road.

If you’re using these methods below, consider switching them:

  • Pop-in windows with tiny/no close button
  • Over-use of social media automation
  • Asking for returns up front with no/little value
  • Spammy push notifications and emails

Through a consumer’s point of view, I would hit the back button as soon as I can and possibly remember that this brand or business that gave me the upfront “bad taste”.

If you’re investing in the future, it’s definitely not the path you should be taking.

Give Value Upfront, Not Jail Time

Keeping customers is a crucial task because consumers are looking for value upfront. By jailing them through illegitimate methods, you can find your business or brand in hot waters.

Today, consumers like to day trade their attention for something they can learn and value from.

And definitely not with methods that lock someone in.

Do you ever notice that every time commercials came up, people picked up their phones and went straight to Facebook or Instagram?

The only reason why people give a bad taste to commercials is…

…because they’re always trying to sell.

Try the 51/49 Rule, It Works!

I believe that giving is more important than getting. The world is not a selfish place, we just assume that everyone else is because we ultimately want everything. So we become the selfish ones.

But realize that you don’t get anything valuable by being selfish.

If you want the “best” attention in the world, start by giving the “best” value upfront.

People aren’t going to waste time on something they’re not legitimately interested in, even if it’s your latest flashy product or service.

Would you pay for something you don’t want?

I definitely wouldn’t.

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