“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

It’s often known that you must have lots of money, all of the knowledge and the best resources on earth to be able to start working on your dreams, but what you’re thinking is the opposite.

You may disagree with me because I never went to Harvard or even the top technological schools for computers and programming…

…but I don’t need one because I learned everything myself.

Even if you had all the knowledge in the world, are you building your own success with that knowledge?

Throughout my life, my father brought in lots of success. He doesn’t speak English or computer language, but he made it work.

How? Because…

His Network Is His Net Worth

Let me talk about how having all the knowledge is very limited in terms of success. If you’re looking at a Hollywood star, thinking how he or she got the success by herself, think again.

What happened to the record producers, photographers, sound mixers, etc?

My father’s success was not done alone either. It was countless nights of spending time with business-minded, smart and powerful men that brought his success from the ground up.

I’m a person of control, but my father outsources his work to almost anyone he could find.

Sure, it’s best to do everything by yourself…

…but even the most perfect work on earth takes time to achieve.

Should I Outsource my Work?

At first, definitely not. Learn the things that are crucial to you, since you have the time right now. When you start to shift your paradigm and focus on other tasks, it makes it easier (and safer) to outsource.

But why later on?

Simple. If you don’t know what you want exactly, how is it possible for someone to complete what you want?

Outsourcing work is about saving yourself time, not to do things out of the norm.

As an entrepreneur, you are always steering the ship. You are always defining your success. You are always in control.

So when you begin to outsource your work, find those of equal quality or better, and definitely not the best.

Remember this…

Always move fast, but be patient.

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