Your WORST Nightmare Could Be Your Biggest Success

Life is sad sometimes, but often those sad stories become the happiest ones. Just like success, it probably started with a nightmare. That nightmare where you told yourself that you were tired of being “afraid”.

Think of life like a bounce board. Either you’re happy, you’re sad or you’re somewhere in the middle.

That is the feeling of rock bottom.

It’s Not a 3 Hour Nightmare

The nightmares you’re thinking about? It’s fictional. It’s that kind of nightmare that lives with you. But, if you start doing, and stop thinking about failure or what others think about you…

It might just turn into a happy story.

It’s true that your circle of friends might be smaller, but…

QUALITY trumps quantity

…because if 75% of the people didn’t like your thoughts of being successful, you should not even be surrounded by them.

Negativity sucks all your energy away. Instead, of focusing on the strength of others, focus on the strength of yourself.

In addition, you should search for people that actually doing the work to become successful, not the ones that just dream of it.

Become Tired of Being Afraid

If you’re always the person that loves to dream about your next great “BIG” idea, keep thinking about that idea, but do more and think further into the finances. You already have a great idea!

Why not help others with your great idea?

Yes, there’s always the risk, and you’d probably don’t like risk.

Who likes risk? But, give this thought a sec.

Even if your paycheck was “secured”, don’t you think that there’s always a chance that…

  • You will get fired because of your mistake?
  • The business closed down because of poor business?

Even worse, your entire life (let’s just say 100 years in time), is taken away because you needed that “paycheck” to pay those “bills”?

Is your life worth exchanging for a paycheck, because of the kind of risk you’re thinking about?

Give that a hard thought.

Are You Willing to Start?

Starting is simple, but start small. Prevent the macro loss by preparing for the micro losses. You’ll definitely do much better. What are some micro losses you can start on?

Some things could be:

  • Pop-up shops, instead of renting a commercial location!
  • Use Google Voice as your business number instead of paying for a 1-800 number!
  • Use Facebook and Instagram to gain traction instead of paying for ads!
  • Ask how I can help build your website instead of paying for expensive ones!
  • Record videos with your phone instead of buying an expensive camera!

These are some ideas you can start with! Remember that you don’t have to be great to start.

You have to start to be great!

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