Why Having a Purpose is More Important than a Passion

Life goes in as many different directions, the same way it comes out.

No matter where we end up, having a purpose means that you’ll have the consistency to continue moving forward, even if your passions slowly fade out.

Your grounds also become stronger when it exists, because you realize that you have a reason for almost everything that you do.

Without one, you would feel lost most of the time and that it is definitely harder to become motivated, especially in the morning.

Have a purpose. It is your reason why.

Purpose Is Stronger Than Passion

The difference? A purpose doesn’t die, a passion does.

Purpose itself could consist of a group of people, someone like:

  • A person close to you
  • Your lover
  • Spiritual being

It’s the reason why you wake up in the morning doing what you do, because of that special someone or something.

It allows you to redefine your morning every day.

The Reason why “Love” Exists

You’ve probably heard of how love works because you must sacrifice for it.

Sacrificing might sound bad to you, but it’s much easier to give something up because of someone than yourself.

Because when you can help that person out, you feel very different.

You Will Feel Selfless

I believe that you can have a purpose trying to be selfish and selfless at the same time, but I personally gear more towards the selfless reason because as much as my selfishness is about my destiny, I feel like it doesn’t work if it becomes forced.

Overall, I would rather my selfishness grow by itself.

Being selfish is something people frown upon, but without being selfish, you’ll have no idea on how to be selfless, which means you may not know your purpose at all.

Be selfish to become selfless, because when you become selfish, you’ll slowly want to help someone else because you feel lonely.

That’s when you define your purpose.

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