Have Enough Optimism to Defeat Realism

This world is carried on by many realistic events, to the point where we may feel tired overall. For some, having too much realism could also be a motivational killer, but the truth is, motivation becomes the drug if there’s no hustle.

Give yourself enough space to get you going no matter how you feel. Through my experience, a little optimism can go a long way, because it helped me a lot when I executed it correctly.

Optimism is important for those extremely long nights, days where accepting “no” is important, and days where you almost lose it at a macro level.

Life is short, live a little.

Optimism is a Drug

As with anything in this world, they all have their upsides and downsides. Our balances might be disproportioned, mainly because either we are being overly optimistic or because we are burdened by too much reality.

What we may not know is that it can be a drug if used incorrectly.

On the other hand, keeping optimism and realism in a balance is difficult. If you have too much optimism, you’ll feel happy for nothing. If you have too much realism, you’ll have days where you feel sad and unmotivated.

Remember that life is like a bounce board. If you let optimism bounce too high, you might end up with a ton of it (being over happy), and then once it reaches the top, it will come crashing down fast.

Keeping it balanced. That’s important.

Two Forces Against Balance

I understand that these two things can play against each other. One of them can make you happy but doesn’t get you anywhere, and the other can make you sad and helps you guide control. Keeping those balances might not be optimal, it is crucial for the long term.

How do you keep a realistic and optimistic balance?

In my opinion, use it against them. Do not let optimism control you. For example, when realism strikes, give yourself some motivation by reading a book or listening to a podcast to get you back up. If motivation hits hard, or that you are happier than normal, focus more on your goals.

It’s about the gaps.

Have enough optimism to defeat realism.

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