“Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal, Brilliant Artists Derive.”

Sure, this sounds a bit like “copying”, doesn’t it? Probably not.

It is true that plagiarism is the worst, something your teacher might have taught you during high school. Now, I can assure you that this has nothing to do with it because 99.9% of the time, these ideas you bump into are not original. It is derived.

Even the biggest companies derive ideas from many different places, like the recent news on Facebook trying to implement Stories into their suite of social media platforms or even how a plane was made from the physical aspects of a bird?

You’ve probably heard of “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal,” but brilliant artists derive?

Here, let me explain.

What is “derive”?

When you derive from something, you don’t necessarily copy. You take the original idea and make it even better. Speaking from experience, nobody is 100% original at something.

Likewise, computers were not an original idea, it was invented by automating the thought of being binary (the usual yes and no decisions); A human derivative.

What’s with “deriving”?

Most of the great ideas are derived from something simple. It could be as simple as something that comes from nature.

Deriving also comes in when you can flip that inexpensive idea into something expensive, or when you provide a better solution than the original for the people’s want or need.

The derivative is the end point, not the product. The derivative just turns out to be a product.

Learn to focus on that.

How can you “derive”?

You know, those wanting to be successful think that being “original” is the most important aspect.

Although, they might not realize that if the idea does not solve a particular issue, regardless of it being massively big or immensely small, the idea will not work.

When you derive from something, look for the “residual idea” not the “residual income”, because if your product or idea is a want and not a need, it’s possibly not going to be residual.

There are already many ideas already. What YOU need to do is figure out a way to hit rock bottom without bankrupting yourself.

That is usually where the best derivatives come from.

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