What is Rock Bottom, and How Can You Achieve It?

Life is like a spring board, whether it’s flying above, or drowning into the bottom of the ocean. Now, let’s just focus on rock bottom, because lots of struggling entrepreneurs may not realize what it might mean.

At first, you might misunderstand it as something bad, but as far as success goes, it’s a part of the process. But, what is rock bottom? And how can you achieve this “kind-of” perception?

Truth is, it isn’t hard to hit rock bottom. It only depends on how deep down you want to reach.

The Depths of Rock Bottom

Now, since you are already reading this post, there’s no point of me asking you to go on an ocean deep dive. I want you to do, is to realize the experience of rock bottom, what you can learn, and how to achieve it.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost in an investment, didn’t pass a test, or broke a business partnership, there are many ways to hit rock bottom.

You can stay sad, and grieve about the miseries, or you can do something about it.

How did I hit rock bottom?

For me, It just so happens that I lost, but regained my status in a business partnership because I was so drowned into cashing in my passion. And, at the same time, someone presented a potential business opportunity in an MLM (multi-level marketing) company, which I joined and learned a lot from.

I will list some experiences below, but only for realization purposes:

  • Try things you feel good but also feel very skeptical about.
  • Do lots of things that you think can make you “money”, but don’t.
  • Be very close-minded, but network with experienced people.

Every “rock bottom” happens differently, and you cannot force it to happen, even with the examples I’ve given above. Although, you can speed up the process that is if you’re willing to taste different things.

From my experience, the more money you lose, the more you can learn. Although, if you’re not ready for bankruptcy, don’t go so deep. Rock bottom can physically f*ck you up if you’re not mentally ready for the challenge.

That is where you lose, and when the best part of life happens to you.

Bottom notes

Due to conflicts of interest, I won’t be sharing my experience about network marketing, whether I succeeded or not, but I can tell you that if you feel skeptical about it, you should taste the experience.

Go and understand what success is like.

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