Difference Between Failing and Losing

I’d admit that I used to confuse the two, but I learned that there’s a huge difference between failing and losing. The context may not define much to some, but it is very useful for those that are feeling insecure.

In the English language, even though both words gear towards the bad side in our thoughts, it could “optimistically” mean everything if we could understand the true differences.

For those that are feeling insecure or stuck at the moment, please keep reading.

You will thank yourself later on.

What does failure mean?

Failure is an overused word in the entrepreneur world, but many may not understand what failure actually means. The meaning of failure is strong but not many do fail.

For those that need more explanation, here are some hard core examples:

  • Not passing a test, knowing that you had to study, but did not.
  • Having your electricity cut, knowing that you had to pay the bill, but did not.
  • Car shutting off, knowing you had to refill gas, but did not.

You can fail only because you have chosen or forced yourself to fail. There is no such thing as accidental failure.

Which is why you can’t blame anyone for your failures!

How do you lose?

It might not be easy to win, but truth is, losing isn’t as bad as failing. If you have played games in the past, then you probably understood what it’s like to lose a game.

If you’re unsure of what losing means, here are some examples:

  • Having less capital, when you’re trading because of some unchartered knowledge.
  • Remained on the same level, when you’re gaming because of a mistake you didn’t know about.
  • Losing a physical object, when you’re outside because you forgot to take it with you!

Remember, you only lost! You always have the chance to win!


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