You WORRY about the Wrong Things

From toddler to teenager, our parents always have taught us the binary differences in life. Whether it’s the right or the wrong, we have slowly become afraid of what others might think about us.

Not that it has any correlation between how our parents taught us and how we learn, but how intimidated we’ve become on the frequency of being yelled at constantly.

There, we form the doubts and the reasons why we start worrying about the wrong things.

How sudden a potentially successful man turns into a miserable human being that dies at year 25 but doesn’t get buried until year 75.

Agree or disagree?

Wavelengths are Important

We know every human being has a different kind of taste. Regardless if it’s your friend, your best friend, or your family. When others are not able to reach to their understanding, as so, they feel threatened by the difference of your movement.

Normally their reaction comes down to the following:

  • Saying how things won’t work out for you
  • You’re most likely going to fail
  • Giving you advice on how to succeed (when they haven’t succeeded themselves)

Don’t try to prove those that doubt you. It becomes absurd and a waste of time when you do. The reason is that every doubting person will always have an excuse, even if you’ve become successful.

Why is that? It’s simply because of jealousy.

It’s most likely aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship with something or someone. Everyone has become jealous before, and it’s natural for others to feel that way.

Truth is, one person can already do so much. Adding unneeded attention and alerts towards someone else is unnecessary. All because YOU matter more than what anyone else says to you.

Learn to care about someone, but don’t care about what they say.

Stuck in their Comfort

Remember what you mother always said? You become the person you surround yourself with.

If you spend most of your time hanging out with people not willing to get out of their comfort zone, then you’re probably hanging out with the friends that want to live an average life.

It’s not uncommon for those, to be stuck in their comfort zones because…

  • What their friends or family might say
  • Afraid that the idea or action might not work
  • Always thinking, never executing the idea

You’ll never know what might happen. It is wise to take risks than to regret them for the rest of your life.

Especially for those that have little to no responsibilities, seriously, just go for it!

Did you know? Getting out of your comfort zone is a simple as switching to another coffee shop!

You’re in the Wrong Environment

It can also be that you’re surrounded by the wrong people around you. Even though you meet people offline, these haters or snakes could often be lingering around you in social media.

Social media is a wide and open community. You usually have a mix of supporters and non-supporters around you, and it’s normal. The worst ones are the ones that support you up-front but talk crap behind you.

If something you don’t like happens, you have a few options. You can…

  • Unfriend them
  • Block them
  • Unfollow them
  • Hide the post

I’m only observing these options in terms of Facebook since other social media profiles aren’t as complex (follow and unfollow).

My Ending Thoughts

I feel that you have the control to become successful yourself. It doesn’t matter what others say, nor does it matter how other people think.

If you feel that it’s the right path to move on, go for it.

There nothing worse than regretting, because you cannot do anything about regret.

Start to worry about yourself, and don’t pay any attention to others.

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