First Experience through #GoogleGlass

I was woken up by a dream that I missed my shipment. It was 8:30 in the morning. I didn’t do anything yet, and I’m already eager and sitting near my window waiting for my pair of Glass to arrive via UPS. While waiting, I watched half a episode of the Chinese series,”I Am a Singer” with my phone.

It’s 9:45am, and I still don’t see the truck. And then.. while I was about to leave to prepare for the morning, the truck miraculously drove into my street out of nowhere. I saw the truck, and blanked out immediately. I felt so excited for the first time in a long time. Hehe. I can’t believe, I’m actually that excited.

Well, from Google anyways.

Google Glass UPS Truck

OMG, so darn excited! My delivery’s here ;)

The UPS guy came by and took my signature, and felt utterly suspicious of my happy look! He turned around asking if it was my package. Of course it is!

Voila! It's Here :D

Voila! It’s Here :D

I opened the box, and here they were. A little box with the pair of shades in them (and a nice pocket sleeve protector), and the Glass with its counterparts (charger, earphone, etc). Hehe, enough talking. Let’s get unpacking!

Google Glass Boxes

Google Glass and the Shades

Google Glass Product

Yep! That’s Google’s Future Product, the Glass.

The screen's easier to use with this during the day.

The screen’s easier to use with this during the day, and it doesn’t look as weird.

Playing around with Glass, I experienced some crashes here and there, but that didn’t stop me from taking screenshots while screen-casting via the MyGlass app!

Google Glass OK, Glass

OK, Glass!

Google Glass Action

Umm.. take a picture?

Google Glass Translate

Glass speaks Chinese :o

Google Glass Play Music

This happens after you install Glassware. it gets a little annoying how you can’t get rid of them.

Google Glass Navigation

Wow! Navigation with the Glass.

Google Glass Compass

A Compass stuck to your head.

Google Glass YouTube

I uploaded a video to YouTube using it!

Google Glass Settings

The “Settings” card. Glass is such a battery drainer.

Google Glass Device Info

All about Glass. I’m guessing 16GB is it’s internal storage with the latest XE 16 update!

Google Glass Debug

Now that’s a one tap Root from Google ;)

And… One last thing. I recorded and video and uploaded it into YouTube. I actually didn’t even know it was recording, until I saw the timer and the camera. Hehe, selfies with the Glass = awesomeness!

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, my computer is located in the kitchen. It’s because the wireless signal can’t reach up to my room and repeaters never seem to actually work for me.

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