What a Computer Technician Actually Does

Being a computer technician is not an easy job to do. Especially when there isn’t any reason to lay your own grounds on someone’s computer. Almost all the technicians do this, and they’re doing it wrong (yea, that includes me), but I’m standing out because finally know how computer novices feel when you are forced to trust the person fixing your computer.

I admit there’s no right way to actually service a computer, but doing just the basics like upgrading software, patching updates from operating system manufacturers, installing software the end-user wants is typically more than enough. There’s no need to start changing their settings, setting up modifications, forcing them to choose a password. You get it.

We just do more than what they want us to do, and somehow, I feel that the users should speak up, and tell us what you really want. And yet, some users have no knowledge of computers whatsoever, so they end up allowing the technician to decide freely and get away with it.

You know, we shouldn’t be the one deciding what and how your computer runs, because at the end, the computer belongs to you, not me.

Can’t decide at all? Well, you can feel free to ask. I personally won’t give you a direct answer, but I can help you make the right choice and explain the pros and cons for each not why you should have it. Things will naturally speak out for itself.

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