50 Emotions All in One Written Essay: By Jason.

Over the weekends, Jason and I went photo-shooting together. Traveling across the city and creating memories of what we did, and what we dreamed of doing. From the piano playing music to having a nice feast, this is the entire experience.

It’s funny how he exceedingly points out my character, but I’m okay with that, because I am… me. My uniqueness certainly cannot be changed, manipulated, or copied by any manner at all, because everyone has their own personality and it is your choice if you accept it or not. Right?

Here’s the story he wrote:

Here are the blacks and whites that describes an individual whom is interestingly sophisticated and yet pleasurable to understand. He is an pianist, an exotic plant collector, and an best friend. I attempt to capture his moments of creativity and brilliantly prudent mind.

His name is Jacky. I’d like to point out that he is childish at times and overwhelmingly serious at others. He studies Computer Engineering but often spends his time practicing on his luxurious Steinway piano. Quality is a must in his mind. The programs he creates and websites he designs are all elegantly crafted with precision and perfection. He applies this rule towards his other hobbies as well. The collection of exotic plants which he grows at home are well lit in a timely manner, controlled by light timers. Selective pruning of leaves and careful examinations are routine.

On Friday noons, he always, with his mother, feast together on delightfully tasty Dim-Sum. Conversing with laugher is the norm. Jacky clearly demonstrates his loving care for his mother through time and experience together as a loving mother-son bond.

He is a man of the city. You will find him often cursing along the west-side highway on a CitiBike, enjoying the relaxing breeze. As the sunsets on the horizon, he patiently watches on his balcony on 5th Ave, slowly the daylight comes to an end.

This is my friend Jacky. I’ve had a fun time following him throughout the day and capturing his moments of life. I find it difficult to capture portraits of people and through this experience I’ve gone through many difficulties but gained equally in knowledge. I will strive on improving my photography skills and producing quality work.

Some of the pictures he took for practice:

Playing the Piano

Focused on Achieving Level 1

Looking at Orange

Ahh.. My Mini Oranges ;)

Look at the Seriousness!

Look at the Seriousness!


  1. David Mark on April 12, 2014 at 2:37 PM

    Jacky seems to be a very cool person ! You got some nice camera taking skill .

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