Observing New York’s Finest Views

The views of the city are remarkably staggering. This is how it looks like on the 86th floor of the Empire State. Buildings from General Electric, H&M, and MetLife all soar around Manhattan. Lines were beginning to fill up as soon as we left. Tourists much? Well it’s New York. What did you expect?

Observatory 1

Tickets were $27 dollars, and the fine print told us it was $50 dollars in big fonts but that was for the express line to the 86th floor. Really? I wanted to go to the 102nd floor for a better view.

Observatory 2

It’s cold out there. My face is blown dry (haha). Should have chosen to go during the summer, or maybe during Spring when the temperature is set to a non-freezing level.

Observatory 3

And… the city to the right (or left). I can’t even remember which direction I’m in. The piece of land where buildings are virtually inexistent.

Observatory 4

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