My First NBA Show: Knicks vs Warriors

Regular game or not, this is one of my first real NBA basketball shows I’ve actually seen live (with my eyes of course). The food was really expensive, but I guess that’s really the whole point of being there. Watching basketball shows without a bunch of advertisements floating around my neck.

The one thing I’m actually surprised with is with the stadium not banning photography. Usually shows like this don’t allow any cameras, but you already know. Basketball isn’t anything like drama.

Foot Long Hot Dogs

So here we are, chomping up another one of those so called “foot-long” hot dogs. They taste just like hot dogs from the New York venues, but apparently.. they’re a foot long. LOLs

Last night’s game was a fury. Crazy basketball fans were sitting behind my back cheering for their team, and we were sitting there relaxing with drinks and some food. Ahh, life is great.

So suddenly, the teams were playing and I noticed there were so many timeouts. I’m like, aren’t you supposed to finish the game and get over it? They called it a technical foul. So for instance, if another team member tries to start a fight with the other team, the entire game pauses. Wow, that’s crazy.

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