Giving Money to Someone

Two Reasons Why We Should Not Buy from Friends

By Jacky Liang / May 18, 2019 /

People make purchases every day, whether it’s from Amazon or a subscription service, and sometimes from friends too. It’s okay to support friends, but when is it NOT okay to buy? One of the misconception is in order to maintain a relationship, it is essential to support their way of living instead of buying from…

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Risk: Take It Deep and Award Yourself For It

By Jacky Liang / March 20, 2019 /

For once in your lifetime, you’ve definitely taken a risk. Whether it’s investing in stocks, starting a business, purchasing a lottery ticket, taking college courses or even starting a family. We’ve all been there. What I don’t get is this. Why would you punish yourself for taking risks in the first place? It feels like…

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Network Marketing. Why I Started, and Why I Quit.

By Jacky Liang / February 28, 2019 /

Trying to be your own boss nowadays is just as simple as waiting for a friend to pitch you the “work-at-home” and that really great product. What’s left is a burned bridge, lost money, and another lesson learned. Usually, this article would be about why you should join a network marketing company, or why you…

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Steve Jobs: Why Motivations Matter and How You Can Build Your Success

By Jacky Liang / February 6, 2019 /

Trying to be successful is just an overwhelming chain of thought. Often, when we think about successful people, it’s about money, trophies, or the fame from the media. But, it’s really not about that. Because they never talk about how rich they are. They always talk about making a difference. A big difference. What they…

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Success Does Not Involve Jobs, Careers, Being Rich or Poor

By Jacky Liang / February 1, 2019 /

Life is short. Likewise, most Millennials and parents are debating what makes themselves successful, what career makes them rich, what kind of work makes them really popular. Success is overrated. Being successful does not involve numbers, but the time that it takes to achieve progress within the process. Likewise, success is a mere feeling and…

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Positive Thinking, and the Negative Effects of It

By Jacky Liang / January 31, 2019 /

These days, hard-working entrepreneurs mixed with an immense amount of doubtful opinions commonly clash together. One of the resolutions to this is to find the never-ending stream of positive thinking. Like with all individuals that look forward to putting a cap at self-doubt and people’s opinions, positive thinking might be the answer to it all.…

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The Advantages of Knowing Your Tolerance Level

By Jacky Liang / August 10, 2018 /

Humans are of a sensitive nature. We smile, become sad, or get angry because of certain things. We also learn about our tolerance level of what we like and do not like into different categories. A wide tolerance level means you can tolerate other people’s opinions much easier. Having a wide tolerance level also makes…

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Instant Gratification Kills, and I’m Going to Tell You Why

By Jacky Liang / December 17, 2017 /

Success, making lots of money, profits; These words can just make you feel so… delighted at times. What we don’t realize is that we’re the generation of instant gratification. And I’m going to tell you why it’s a killer. Many investments with no guaranteed return rate are often scolded by those that are afraid to…

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Why “Macro Patience, Micro Speed” Drives My Optimism

By Jacky Liang / November 25, 2017 /

Life is a busy experience. Long before we succeed in something, it is not uncommon that we are judged by other people’s insecurities and ego. Some of you might be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, some of you may not. Although, I believe this is what drives my optimism every day. The truth comes down to…

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The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

By Jacky Liang / November 9, 2017 /

Have you ever asked yourself, while you were building your business; If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman? I’m writing about this because sometimes I can be unsure. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are two different things. I know for a fact that an entrepreneur takes a high level of risk starting unprecedented ventures while a…

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