All About Jacky

The life of an inspiration.

About Me

Jacky Liang is the founder of CBN Ventures, a technology venture company that focuses on consumer ideas and innovation.

Born in New York, he spent his childhood watching his parents work and manage a plethora of businesses, from local construction and plumbing to international trading.

From Jacky's inability to understand the social norm, he spent most of the time configuring and optimizing computers. Jacky was gifted a laptop by his father.

When Jacky was 12, he flew back to China for education because of his consistent failing grades.

During boarding school, Jacky's father gave him no allowance. Having the urge to buy things outside of school, he figured a way to sneak out of school to earn tips by fulfilling buyers needs.

Living in China for two years, Jacky learned to speak Mandarin.

Jacky finished 8th grade in New York, got accepted into a theater arts high school, figured out how to build a website, self-taught writing code, and gave college a try.

Wanting to start a tech-related business, Jacky now owns an e-sports arena in Southern China with the help from his father.

In 2018, Jacky built his first consumer-based app available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

A work in progress, Jacky's goal is to build a successful software institution that works with elegant individuals around the world.

Jacky Liang was born in the City of New York. His parents were fortunate enough to find their way to America separately. While the entire family stayed in Queens, Jacky's father was a serial entrepreneur, running many different businesses in the states.

As a young child, Jacky was fascinated with computers. He spent his time playing with the only desktop computer around the house. Knowing that Jacky had a talent for computers, his father bought him a laptop when he was 8 years old.

In his early teens, Jacky went to China for education because of his inability to socialize with friends. Instead of going to class, Jacky spent time making money from students.

When Jacky was 13, he came back to New York to finish 8th grade.

During high school, Jacky was an efficient computer professional. The school administration found out eventually and occasionally paid him for technical help.

Throughout his high school days, he also helped many people resolve computer issues, both free and paid.