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Jacky Liang Builds on Innovation

Jacky Liang is the founder of CBN Ventures, a technology ventures company that focuses on ideas and innovation.

Began as an ambitious individual, he built websites for fun, transitioned into starting an e-sports arena in Southern China, and now focuses on consumer apps.

His goal is to build a successful software institution that works with elegant individuals from around the world.

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The Advantages of Knowing Your Tolerance Level

Humans are of a sensitive nature. We smile, become sad, or get angry because of certain things. We also learn about our tolerance level of what we like and do not like into different categories. A wide tolerance level means you can tolerate other people’s opinions much easier. Having a wide tolerance level also makes…

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Instant Gratification Kills, and I’m Going to Tell You Why

Success, making lots of money, profits; These words can just make you feel so… delighted at times. What we don’t realize is that we’re the generation of instant gratification. And I’m going to tell you why it’s a killer. Many investments with no guaranteed return rate are often scolded by those that are afraid to…

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